Thursday, March 12

there goes the harp fund...

Let me just say, the entire point of getting married in SSI, originally, was to save money and have an intimate/fun wedding on the beach.

Keep it small, simple, use their inclusive “elopement package” and then return for the reception/party with friends and extended family. This has been increasingly more difficult with every email from my package photographer.

The photog and I reconnected last night… and now, somehow, we’re now talking about spending $1250 just in photography services. That doesn’t include prints, albums ($400) or videography ($700).

No. Can. Do. I refuse to dump my entire savings on this wedding and WILL NOT go into debt because of it. I do not expect my parents to help me pay for a wedding in a place they’ve never even gone to… but seriously, how the hell am I going to pay for this thing?!
Enter Hallmark:
Everyday since the contest began I have been going to to win $4000 for the wedding… Now I really fucking need to win.


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