Monday, March 2

workout wtf

I will admit, I was the kid in class who always over thought each homework assignment and multiple-choice test question. I really thought I had done my research on tonight’s Bridal Extreme class but after Googling the title, I found some disturbing results:

“In addition to traditional Boot Camp activities, Bridal Fitness Extreme includes two water exercise days and a free tee-shirt.”
What?! Water exercise? Bikini shopping a couple weeks ago is what prompted me to sign up for this class, I don’t even own a swim suit right now. At least they're throwing in a free t-shirt... maybe I can wear it in the pool.

“You pretty much die each class and come back to life," said bride-to-be.
Wow, really? I just died on Saturday after playing Wii with my future-nephew-in-law... this class is going to kick my ass.

“Tethered participants in the Bridal Fitness Extreme program climb the stairs...”

Great! Now I'm part of a team? I'm going to be the body the other girls drag up the stairs and gets cropped out of the photo.


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