Monday, March 9

how cake saved my life

I overslept this morning and had about 20 minutes before I needed to walk out the door. Stupid time change! I actually woke up at 5 am stomach time, which is 6 am eye time... according to Grandma C. Anyway, I was able to hop in the shower and get to work (early) thanks to this little miracle…

“Indulge in some time-saving goodness.”

It’s not exactly a dry shampoo but it works pretty well. My only qualm with the powder is that it’s more red than brown or dark blonde, but since my hair is a mixture of all of those colors it blends – at least it blends better than baby powder. Also, it smells like cake, which is kind of fun but can be overwhelming for the first hour or so… unless you’re already wearing Vanilla Frosting by Bonne Bell and then you won’t even notice.


mandaelyse said...

"unless you’re already wearing Vanilla Frosting by Bonne Bell"

...which you should be because it's awesome.

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