Monday, March 9

Not even a free McCafé Monday hazelnut fat-free latte can save me…

Doesn’t this look delish?
Mine didn’t look like this – it was served in a tiny disposable cup – but it was free so I won’t complain and only 110 calories.

Even with an afternoon latte, I hope I can stay awake during tonight’s BFX class (#4 out of 36) and give the 120% effort Janylle demands…
She wants us to track our food and excercise so I've been using to keep an eye on things.

It's an okay site and since most foods have already been entered it's easy to keep track of the foods you eat most often. Based on your current weight and the weight you want to be it recommends your daily caloric intake and deducts physical activity points. I have trouble finding normal activities that I do in class, but there's a plethora of bizarre activities and the amount of calories they burn, for example:
-19th Century Dancing 200 cals/hr
-Accordian playing 120 cals/hr
-Butchering Animals 400 cals/hr :(
-Operating a lathe 200 cals/hr
-Maple Syruping 333 cals/hr

But there are some practical everyday items that could apply:
-Cleaning house 265 cals/hr
-Desk work 120 cals/hr
-Manicure (receiving) 64/hr
-Watching TV 67 cals/hr
-Napping 60 cals/hr

I guess you could call it the poor girl's Weight Watchers ;)


mandaelyse said...

Those are free on Mondays??

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