Thursday, March 26

Now it's the groom's turn

Together we've discussed suit options and I've bought the groomsmen's ties, but now it's allll Andy:

Andy’s suit & tie. We’ve got the pocket square, but no tie.
He won’t wear a navy suit and prefers a 3-button (I like 2-button), but here are some dapper options, courtesy of and Banana Republic. Can you tell I've been influenced by last night's Mad Men marathon?

Don't the BR guys looked incredibly bored?!

This is more my vision than Andy's, but I think groomsmen’s socks are a fun touch and they double as a gift ;)

Also, Andy's on the prowl for his own tie!
Here's what I had in mind...
Andy's take on the theme - I love it!
both from
I'm hoping the VB tie works out... I ordered it from the Oak Brook store and it should arrive Friday! I'm a little worried about the blues and greens matching but I hope this is one more thing I can cross off the list!
So, the socks... what do you think, uber lame? added expense?


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