Thursday, May 21

Reader addiction

My mom simply asked me to put together the photos of flowers I've been saving so she could show one of her co-workers (who could potentially be my florist).
I have been saving my favorite posts on Google Reader for ages and starting using their tagging system as soon as I discovered it.
I planned on pulling up the "flowers" and "reception" tags and emailing them, but then I realized how many untagged items I have...

Not all starred items are wedding-related, but for the most part they are... yikes! Also, does anyone else use Reader and want to start sharing starred items?
Here are mine!

I know what I'll be doing tonight after my LAST NIGHT OF BOOT CAMP!


mandaelyse said...

So what place did you get in Bridal Bootcamp?

Also, would you want to do lunch this week?

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