Tuesday, May 26

in case you were wondering

Andy and I were at Toys R Us and noticed that the SpongeBob Lego set was in both French and English. I love that Squidward's name in French is Carlo.
Patrick Star
Patrick's name in other languages:
French: Patrick Etoile
German: Patrick
Icelandic: Pétur
Lithuanian: Patrikas Žvaigždė
Portuguese: Patrick Estrela
Swedish: Patrik Stjärna
Spanish: Patricio Estrella

Squidward Tentacles
Dutch: Octo Tentakels (sometimes inkiepinkie)
French: Carlo Tentacules
German: Thaddäus Tentakel (A very unpopular first name, which categorizes him as an older person)
Italian: Squiddi
Korean: 징징이 (Jingjingi, a slang term for "Octopus")
Norwegian language: Bleke
Portuguese (Brazil): Lula Molusco
Spanish (Spain): Calamarno
Spanish (Latin America): Calamardo Tentáculos
Swedish: Bläckvard Tentakel

Eugene H. Krabs
German: Eugene Krabs, usually referred to as "Mr Krabs"
French: Eugène Krabs
Swedish: Herr Krabba
Portuguese: Eugene Sirigueijo
Indonesian : Tuan Krabs (Tuan = mister)

Sandy Cheeks

Dutch: Sandy Wang
Spanish: Arenita Mejillas
Portuguese: Sandy Bochechas
Indonesian: Sandy Tupai (Tupai = squirrel)
Swedish: Sandy Kind


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