Wednesday, May 6


Whew! Once again my good shopping karma paid off and I got lucky...
Last week I ordered 4 JCrew dresses in two different styles for engagement photos (not sure what sizes since I can go either way with their clothing). 
When I went to place the order this dress in one size was ripped from my shopping cart... and the other size waitlisted!
When I happened to check on my online order today it was back in stock.  I called customer service to see if my order could be appended (I certainly didn't want to pay additional shipping) and they simply created a new order and gave me free shipping! Also, this size will be back in stock SOONER than the other size so I won't have to wait as long. Yay!
Here's the other dress that I ended up ordering.  We'll just have to wait and see which is a better fit!
testing... testing... this is my first email post...


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