Tuesday, May 12

boot camp testing

This is our second to last week of boot camp, but we did some of our testing last night:
Here are my stats, or at least what I was able to remember:
Beginning - Ending
Weight: 146 lbs - 142 lbs
Sit-ups: 20 - 37
Push-ups: 10 - 22
Hips: -2.75"
Waist: -3"

Thursday night we'll do as many laps as we can in 12 minutes.
The first time I did 11 laps (12 laps = 1 mile).

Did I mention there's a contest for the most improved? There are 4 of us that qualify and the top prizes are: 1st place - massage, facial, mani; 2nd place - facial; 3rd place - mani. I know I can at least place third but of course I'm going to go for broke and kill myself on Thursday!

Wish me luck!

Remember that episode of Friends where they go running in the park?
Let's just say I run like a total Pheobe!


mandaelyse said...

Good luck with the competition! It seems like you've already made serious progress. And thanks for reminding me of Phoebe running. That show was just so good.

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