Thursday, May 7


Remember that good shopping karma I mentioned? Well, here's what happened:
Last Friday, I popped into Targhetto on my lunch hour I found an amazing deal on a JBL iPod stereo - $44.95, regularly $149! I looked up the reviews (nice!) and promptly bought the little guy. I brought it home and long story short, someone had replaced the power cord with a phone charger - wtf?!I'm guessing someone stole the display and needed a power cord so they did a switcheroo.
I called the Targhetto I bought it from to see if I could exchange it for the other clearance item. I found out that clearance items cannot be placed on hold and apparently I am a lair and thief. By chance Andy and I went to the Target near us to see if they could help. They had the same stereo and although it wasn't clearance they did an even exchange and gave me a brand new unopened stereo!
I walked away with a savings of $100!!
The sound is great btw; it has a pretty good remote and it is compatible with my nano and Andy's iPhone.
We're going to be using it for our wedding reception DJ during dinner and it came in under budget. Yay!


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