Sunday, May 31

the Wilton Experience

On Friday I just about lost a hand at the wilton tent sale for these goodies...

parchment paper, professional spatula, Martha Stewart cupcake papers, baker's twine, 2 MS giant cupcake pans, cookie press, pure vanilla, buttercream frosting mix, a MS/Macy's 5-piece rectangular cake/muffin/mini muffin carrier and pans and a MS cupcake tower!

Here's the beginning of the line, it took about 40 minutes to actually get into the tent entrance at the opposite end... and I got there right when they opened!

Getting closer!

The whole thing was terribly disorganized and although I did walk out with everything I wanted (and then some - two giant cupcake pans - don't ask) it wasn't more than 40%-50% off their regular items which comes out to the same as using a Michael's or JoAnn's coupon.
Def. not worth the wait or insanity, but at least I can say "I've done that" while gorging on a giant cupcake.


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