Wednesday, September 2

"38 days" or "one week later"

A week ago I was freaking out... the RSVP deadline was looming and I hadn't even sent our invitations. Today I'm feeling much better Let's revisit that to-do list, shall we?
-Florist - W(here)TF is my quote? rec'd quote but minor changes have skyrocketed prices... waiting on comparison quote
-Banquet order - approved?! good to go!
-Resolve RSVP postcard issue Anne told me she didn't have any issues with her cards and my tester came through the mail okay so I decided to just go with it
-Mail invitations this week (weigh for postagein the mail 8/29 (our engage-aversary)
-Hair/makeup trials megan is going to practice before the bachelorette party
-FIND BLUE SHOES? still looking for 2.5" heels
-Book tasting for IL menu hmm, probably the 26th. need to call

-Book honeymoon hotel decided our itinerary last night - need to find FL hotel
-Book car rental Emailed confirmation shortly after I called mid-freakout
-Book hotel for wedding celebration
-Call Courthouse for license guidelines all info on county's website
-Try on suit
-Decide on shoes waiting on suit to arrive
-Tell groomsmen what to wear waiting on groom's suit to arrive
-Decide on groomsmen/ring bearer gifts waiting on suit to arrive
-Create iTunes playlist for wedding reception

-Decide on ring engraving, if yes, what? eh, maybe as an anniversary gift
-Plan ceremony minister is going to be calling - move this up the priority list!


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