Tuesday, September 15

Craigslist for Wedding Services

I've had little experience with Craigslist (outside of selling my tv stand) but after researching HD video cameras, lapel microphones, and my future father-in-law/amateur videorapher asking me if I know what he should be doing during the ceremony, I've decided to post a services wanted ad on Craigslist.
I'm hoping that I won't be swindled, but instead I can pay someone to record the sound and ceremony from two different angles and give me a copy. I don't even need them to edit it... I just want to know that they remembered to hit "record."
I'll let you know if the responses come pouring in...


alissa said...

we found our video guy via craigslist. we got what we paid for, he did an ok job - but it was a last minute thing and im glad we did it

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