Tuesday, September 22

the L word

I ordered my linens for the reception today. The Country Club had a very limited selection of napkin colors included in the reception fee, but for an additional $1 you could chose from Royal Blue or Hunter Green. In order to get actual Navy napkins there would be an additional fee + $1 per napkin x 125 people = argh!

I need navy blue napkins, so what's a girl to do?

Buy them!Enter www.tableclothsfactory.com

I was so impressed by their prices, I thought it might be too good to be true, but after reading reviews I placed my order.
I was able to get 4 table runners, 2 table overlays and 125 navy blue napkins for less than renting napkins alone... and that includes shipping and taxes!!I'm interested to see the quality when they arrive in a week - I'll be sure to follow up with a vendor review!


megan said...

I really think you should start moonlighting as a party planner. You're fabulous at this stuff. For serious.

2.5 weeks!

Anonymous said...

You know, something you might want to think about (it it's up your ally) if you really don't have a need to own 125 navy napkins is to incorporate them into a wedding quilt.

It's an idea my mom had and is trying to do with the green cloth squares we used on our tables. Just a thought of what to do with all those napkins you might soon be the proud owner of.

Melissa A.

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