Tuesday, September 8

yapta love

Have you hear of Yapta? It's a service that tracks flights you're interested in purchasing and alerts when the price has dropped below a threshold you set. You can also use on flights you've purchased so you'll know if you're entitled to a refund.

I setup flight "watches" for my MoH, my brother and us. I was able to email my MoH and let her know that the flight she was going take (but hadn't booked yet) had dropped by HALF. She was able to book her flight... and the next day the price had gone up by $300.

When a flight changes significantly you're sent an email, but you also get monthly reports for flights you have booked and continue to track. For example, this email I got yesterday:

I LOVE to see that kind of savings! That's money that can be spent on several dinners or dozens of tacky souvenirs!

Do you have any cost-saving websites you recommend?


Paul H said...

Another site you might like for wedding planning is www.gowaza.com. You can put your hotels, reception hall, church and other events on one map and send it to all your guests.

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