Sunday, September 13

dress + shoes + veil = happiness!


Yesterday, I picked up my wedding dress. Trying on the "finished" version, I was terrified. What if the seamstress did the exact opposite (again) and took the dress in several inches instead of letting them out? What if it didn't zip? Is there such a thing as emergency rib removal surgery?

We had a helluva time zipping it up since there is so much excess fabric surrounding the zipper. The seamstress took 3 inches off each side and kept the fabric intact for resale purposes, plus having an invisible side zipper complicates things.(My mom is convinced the zipper is going to pull a kamikaze move moments before the wedding.) I slipped on my new shoes and veil. To complete the look, we decided to replace the cream ribbon that came with the dress with a deep navy. And for my something borrowed, my grandma's pearls.

The wedding dress ensemble is complete!

Going to a wedding shower today... It's impossible to have a wedding-free day, but I won't lie, I'll miss it when it's over!


alissa said...

congrats! i just went wedding dress shopping with my sister this weekend so its totally on my brain!

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