Friday, September 4

flower budget - confirmed!

After back and forth emails with the florist we finally talked and settled on the flowers and a budget. I was slightly concerned that nothing was confirmed - besides being nearly a month away from the wedding, she had 4 weddings to prepare for this weekend at our location, plus she is on vacation next week so I wanted to at least touch base. I'm relieved we were able to talk on the phone yesterday and settle things. Email is great, but it's a difficult medium for talking about abstract ideas and brainstorm floral design.

So here's what my bouquet will hopefully look like:

roses, calla lillies and hypericum berries (from the knot)

The boutonnieres:
from here with callas and hypericum berries

Despite being more than I intended to spend, I know I'm getting a good deal (for getting married at a resort on an island) and will be saving myself the stress of DIYing the morning of the wedding. Instead, my MoH is booking manis and pedis for us, which sounds much more relaxing! :)


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